E-News Winter 2010

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Tile Heritage Revamps Website
Mystery Tile
Giorgini Celebrates Centennial
McCroskey Awarded in Feats
Hilton Wins Prix Primo
Terra-cotta Research Funded
New! E-Book on Tile Making . . . and more

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Realizing the Renaissance

When engaged in specific research, writing papers, preparing talks or just seeking general information, use the Tile Heritage library and research facility which has a growing collection of books, magazines, bulletins and catalogs, slides and photographs, and other materials related to ceramic surfaces. If you are trying to identify tiles from your home or collection or from specific installations, send photographs of the tiles along with a SASE or e-mail a low resolution JPEG file showing the overall installation and close-ups of any decorative tiles. We will do our best to identify them for you or forward the pictures to someone who can. Better yet, make use of the Tile Heritage slide library or the tile catalog collection as a resource. READ MORE ....

Doty Research Grant

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THE DOTY RESEARCH GRANT was established in 1992 to stimulate research in the field of ceramic history and conservation. The Grant has been named in honor of Riley Doty, a tile setter, collector and historian, who has dedicated much of his life in recent years to primary research. His willingness to share his knowledge and information with others, freely and openly, has been a continuing source of inspiration.

Grants range from $500 to $5000 for any qualified individual who wishes to engage in primary research or in a preservation endeavor for the enhancement and protection of ceramic surfaces in the United States. Thus far more than $30,000 has been granted.