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Tiling a San Francisco Hillside

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Tiling a San Francisco Hillside

by Richard Mohr

May 28, 2015 saw the dedication of this grand art tile installation on the stairs at the end of California Street beyond 32nd Avenue in San Francisco’s Outer Richmond district where the street crashes into Lincoln Park just below the Palace of the Legion of Honor. The installation was designed by Éire-born
Aileen Barr, who also hand-crafted the installation’s decorated tiles and earlier had completed several other SF tiled staircases. The undecorated tiles are by Fireclay Tile Company and Heath Ceramics, both of San Francisco; Dal-Tile supplied the treads. All the tiles were installed up the staircase’s 52 thirty-foot-wide steps by Riley Doty and Phylece Snyder. The driving force behind the project, ten years in the making, was The Friends of Lincoln Park. The total cost of the project, including extensive restoration work to the original WWI-era concrete stairs, came to half-a-million dollars.