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. . . the WOW factor . . . examining the intricacies and artistry of tile preservation and reproduction in nine parts …. a blog by Linda Ellett of L’esperance Tile Works, Rock City Falls, NY
This wonderful series of posts came to our attention at Tile Heritage thanks to Riley Doty, a restoration tile setter who has worked with L’esperance Tile Works. Riley is also a THF board member.


Shards 'n Snippets Spring 2013

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William T. Cartwright dies at 92; rescued Watts Towers
An Emmy-winning film editor and producer, William T. Cartwright helped save the Watts Towers from demolition. . . . Also see “I Build A Tower” in THF Special Features

By Rebecca Trounson, Los Angeles Times
June 5, 2013, 9:14 p.m.

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