Flint Faience

E-News Autumn 2013

SL Lighthouse
Here’s What’s Below

Spring Lake Plaques Preserved

Flint Faience Fireplace
Finds New Home

What Goes Around Comes Around
Cecil Sanders’ Pomona Tile

“Airfield Dreams”
by Marlo Bartels

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E-News for Spring 2011

Here’s What’s Below
“O Best Beloved” Wins
“Literary” tile show in Tacoma

Lewing’s New Direction
Mosaic Art NOW 2011
Palm Trees in New Jersey?
Share Your Stories
Jenny Dowd Wins THF Prize
Kaszas Bath for Birds
True’s Mosaics in Haiti
Flint Faience Preserved
Tunisian Tile Treasure
An Air of Optimism Permeates the Industry !
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E-News for February 2011

Here’s What’s Below
Miracles DO Happen!
Lexington VA Bedecked Floors
Kid Serve: Public Art for Youth
“Las Tres Mujeres”
“October Monopus”
Laguna Features Clay Artists
Tile Directories from ATNW and HTA
Support CERF+
Good News for Installers!
Mike Beightol (1946-2010)
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