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When engaged in specific research, writing papers, preparing talks or just seeking general information, use the Tile Heritage library and research facility which has a growing collection of books, magazines, bulletins and catalogs, slides and photographs, and other materials related to ceramic surfaces. If you are trying to identify tiles from your home or collection or from specific installations, send photographs of the tiles along with a SASE or e-mail a low resolution JPEG file showing the overall installation and close-ups of any decorative tiles. We will do our best to identify them for you or forward the pictures to someone who can. Better yet, make use of the Tile Heritage slide library or the tile catalog collection as a resource.

If you are aware of a significant tile installation that is slated for demolition, contact "Tile Alert," a national network of tile enthusiasts dedicated to preservation. When trying to restore, repair or remove an existing tile installation, use the Foundation's recommendations of companies that specialize in the maintenance, restoration or reproduction of tiles and other ceramic surfaces. If you need to extend or repair an existing installation, the Foundation maintains a list of companies that inventory obsolete tiles. The reproduction of old tiles or the matching of existing glazes on these tiles is another available option. When trying to identify or authenticate old tiles or tile installations, take advantage of the growing network of tile collectors and historians whose expertise may be of assistance.

If you are looking for a specific type of tile, seemingly unavailable through local sources, use the Tile Heritage Resource Directory listing manufacturers, studio tile makers and tile artists, as well as custom tile dealers throughout the United States. When seeking information on how to make ceramic tiles, take advantage of the growing number of books, videos and Internet information from tile manufacturers and individual artisans who have demonstrated their willingness to share their knowledge and expertise. If you are trying to initiate, expand or alter the market for your tile products, Tile Heritage offers consultation services. If Tile Heritage cannot answer your questions or solve your problems, we'll refer you to some one who can!

For information about contemporary tilemakers, check out:    Who Supports THF

The tiles pictured here are from the collection of Norman Karlson, the author of American Art Tile 1876-1941.

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