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...Providing tile industry training tools* as well as classroom educational resources at all levels for a broader understanding of the role of tile making as a ceramic medium and as an important American industry from the 1880’s through the present time

Tile Heritage Foundation is involved in education at multiple levels
within the industry and in the community..

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We offer Keynote or PowerPoint presentations on various topics of ceramic tile history. These topics are suitable as tile industry training tools* as well as classroom educational resources for a broader understanding of the role of tile making as a ceramic medium and as an important American industry from the 1880’s through the present time.
* Note: Tile Heritage Foundation staff members will make presentations at your location. THF Industry Sponsors as well as other member organizations are given priority with no presentation fee, however, a fee for travel expenses, where necessary, would be in place. For non- members, fees apply. For a current list of available topics, please email:

Tile Installation Identification. The Tile Heritage Foundation offers tile identification services to the public at no charge. Simply email with clear, low res images of individual tiles or tile installations along with whatever relevant information is readily available: site (city/state), size, date (approximate), architect/designer if known. If the experts at Tile Heritage are not able to identify the work, your email will be forwarded to others who are likely to know.

Tile Heritage honors the work and artistry of tile makers of the past and present through the archiving of their accomplishments validating the art for posterity. The Foundation continues to develop and maintain this body of work as a living archive through applied technologies.

Personal Consultation. The Tile Heritage Foundation offers consultation in a variety of areas based on over 50 years experience in the tile industry. Joseph Taylor, co-founder and president, has expertise in sales, marketing and distribution of tiles as well as in history, the writing and editing of manuscripts on historic and contemporary tile subjects; while Sheila Menzies, co-founder and treasurer of the organization, offers advice in design, preservation and restoration of tiles, resources for teachers and for community projects including workshops. By appointment only. Fees: $60 per hour (charged in half hour increments). Tile Heritage members may consult with Joe or Sheila at no charge.

Clay in the Classroom & Community Resources!


Katia McGuirk

The Foundation makes every effort at this site to provide teachers and community project organizers with inspiration (see projects below) and useful resources and links. It is our goal to assist you in manifesting wonderful tile art with children and adults in schools and in the community!

Join in! Email: Send Tile Heritage pictures of finished projects as well as the step by step process you used and want to share with others. Project CDs & DVDs welcome!

THF available resources by request:
Tile Making Fundamentals for the classroom: K-12
(Document on CD $5.00)
Ceramic Tile & Mosaic Mural making for a group / Rosemary Murray: K-12
(DVD $15.00)
Handmade Tiles /Frank Giorgini
K-12 & Adult (Vol. 1-4 series on DVD $64.95)
Numerous World Tile History DVDs.
For a current list and availability, please email: (Note: These DVDs are not for sale but can be supplied ‘on loan’ to educators. There is a $5. shipping and handling fee as well as a refundable $50. loan deposit associated with borrowing these DVDs)

Online Resources/websites K-12 only
We at The National K-12 Ceramic Exhibition Foundation formed a plan to recognize and honor the excellent ceramic work being done in K-12 in the United States. Every year dedicated teachers, students and other ceramic professionals in the Kindergarten through Grade 12 setting (K-12) create some of the best ceramics made in America.

Online Resources/websites K-12 & Adult Education


District Clay Center, Washington DC

Contact District Clay Community Clay program
Classes & Workshops
District Clay is excited to announce we have formed the District Clay Educational Fund.  Our new non-profit's mission is to implement our Community Clay! program, to further cultural and educational ceramic outreach in the DC area, and to support our resident artist program.
The core effort of the Fund is the Community Clay! program, which seeks to bring the joy of pottery to underserved youth in the Washington area

Laguna Clay Company
Guide to Clay and Glaze Selection for the Classroom
Lesson Plans
Classroom Projects
Ceramic Canvas - Fired on Images


AMACO has been committed to providing teachers & schools with safe ceramic products for over 90 years ... non-toxic modeling and self hardening clays & lead free glazes & underglazes products.

Georgies’ Teacher Training Classes
Georgies' series of Monday free classes are for teachers or parent helpers in K-12 school programs. We created them to answer the basic questions like "Yikes, clay! What do I do now?" We have only two requirements for these classes: first, they should be taken in order from Clay 101 to 201 to 301. Second, no more than three people from any one school can attend the series at one time, so we can accomodate as many schools as possible. Please note: due to demand and space restrictions, class participants must be from K-12 regional public school districts or accredited private schools. We're very sorry, but we can't include pre-K and home school teachers this year

Katia McGuirk Classes for children and adults. For a schedule of classes CLICK on the IMAGE.........

Katia Tiles also has a FABULOUS School Mural Program... check out the YouTube here!

Once Upon a Tile-2

Once Upon a Tile

"Honoring the Creativity of Children with Tile Walls of Wonder"
... creating memories one tile at a time ...
We provide the opportunity for children to learn the timeless art of tile painting. We help them create a permanent art gallery of their work in the form of a tile mural for their community. Our focus is to make art a part of their daily lives.  
Contact: LYNN ADAMS *artist* project director* Cardiff, CA. E-mail:

Pewabic Pottery is dedicated to engaging people in learning experiences with contemporary ceramic art and artists and preserving its historic legacy in part through its educational outreach to schools, after school programs, into-community programs and curriculum development. Community education is one of the primary objectives of Pewabic's Education Department, especially for school age children.

CAEA is the professional organization dedicated to the advancement of art education at all levels in the state of California. CAEA's purposes are to increase public awareness regarding art education, develop and implement strategies for statewide arts advocacy, inform the membership about current issues in art education, recognize the achievements of art educators and students, advocate an art requirement for graduation from secondary schools, and assist the California State Department of Education with the development and implementation curriculum materials.

Screen Shot 2011-08-18 at 11.40.43 AM
The members of SAMA offer a wide variety of educational options in the United States and around the world. Mosaic enthusiasts of any ability or level of experience will find something of interest. SAMA members who are enrolled at the Professional, Corporate, or Patron levels who wish to list their classes here can enter information in the Members Only section. Students should contact instructors directly for up-to-date course listings.
SAMA members may list their workshops by emailing with the details

The Claymobile program runs year round. Most class sessions fit into four terms, summer, fall, winter and spring, while several sites run year-round. Classes meet once a week for 90-minutes, for a minimum of six week residencies, providing a rich experience, exposing students to varied techniques and giving them a chance to master skills. The host site is responsible for providing a space for the class, an invested teacher or staff person to participate.

Northern Clay Center offers School Outreach Residencies as well as “The Clay to Go ClayMobile “ - a mobile clay studio, to take the experience and delight of working with clay out on the road. The colorful 15-foot truck carries all the basic materials and tools needed for the following ClayToGo activities, all at your facility. All activities are taught by professional artists.

Still Mountain Center has sponsored workshops in clay for elementary school, high school and university students Since 1999. The workshops feature demonstrations and hands-on experience with clay at the studio in Kent CT. The students are involved in the creative process with professional artists, deepening their understanding of what it means to be an artist and to create art.

Philadelphia's Magic Gardens (PMG) preserves the artworks of Isaiah Zagar and educates the public about mosaic and folk art. By making art accessible, PMG seeks to foster civic engagement, community beautification, and artistic collaboration.

The Chicago Mosaic School is the only premier, not-for-profit Mosaic Art School in North America. The school, founded in 2005 fills the void in education in mosaic arts and serves professional artists, designers, architects, as well as, beginners and enthusiasts. We offer mosaic classes for students of all ages and working at all levels.

Santa Fe Clay Ceramic Art Center - A well achieved and recognized summer workshop program taught by famous artists and attended by students from around the world. Offers year round classes for children and adults of all skill levels.

Art Science Fusion Program at UC Davis, CA.
A new paradigm for education is sprouting in the Northern California landscape. Students in the newly formed Art/Science Fusion Program at the University of California, Davis, connect the patterns, harmonies, symbols and perceptions that are shared across borders and disciplines. Students see and feel art and science, hold it in their hands, hearts and memories—in ceramics, painting, photographs, music, and textiles. With this experience, they transform ideas into new concepts and insights and a greater appreciation for the natural world. or

Some Online Resources/websites- 18 and older students & adults

Books and DVDs
Hand Made Tiles by Frank Giorgini ( now available as a DVD)
Making & Installing Handmade Tiles by Angelica Pozo
Ceramics for Kids by Mary Ellis
The Kids’N Clay Ceramics Book by Neirman & Arima

Ceramic Tile & Mosaic Mural making for a group / Rosemary Murray: K-12 (DVD)
The Magic of Clay by Andalucia Quan
Old Dog, New Tricks


Prelude in the Park Community Mural, 2009 Pacific Symphony.
This community mural art was assisted by Jennifer Koons, Cha-Rie Tang, Melanie Yarak and Janet C. Panozzo.
Story details ….

San Francisco Tiled Steps Project

Lily Yeh, Rwanda Healing Project, at Bioneers Oct 17 2009 and

JafarOnce Upon a Tile by Emily Grosvenor . . .
The tiles created by Iranian-American artist Jafar Mogadam are exploding fractals of color, gigantic puzzles of competing symbols and forms drawing on artistic traditions from around the globe. But compared to their creator, his works border on the staid. Mogadam is a hybrid of Iowa and Iran. He wears a trucker’s cap. He listens to mystical Sufi music. He spends most of his time painting tiny worlds of geometric shapes and lines, meticulous Persian and Islamic designs on tiles, sometimes taking half a year to complete one work.... READ MORE .......

Screen shot 2011-06-08 at 11.30.48 AM
Dr. Mogadam received his formal art training in Iran at the Kamal-Al-Molk Academy of Fine Arts, the Art Institute of Chicago and the University of Northern Iowa. He received his Ph.D. in Art Education from the University of Iowa.
He has taught in public schools and privately. He is currently a producing artist. His work includes paintings and ceramics. The paintings are influenced by the centuries old tradition of the Persian miniature style but on a much larger scale in order to allow the viewer the closest possible viewing of the magnificent art of Persia. "Influenced by the grand tile work which decorates the architecture of Persia, I have expanded my art into tile composition. I use bisque 6" x 6" tiles with color glazes followed by a clear overglazing and firing process as a basic unit of a tile composition." Click he tile image for more about the Persian Ghlami process.


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