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Founded in July 1987 . Supporters, industry sponsors, members, major contributors, grantors, advocates … everyone… have made possible the continued fulfillment of the Foundation's mission to Document and Preserve tile history in the US both past and present. Link to: The Relevance of Tile Heritage Today
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 Tile Solicit CC.
Mathematicians (D. Smith, J.S. Myers, C.S. Kaplan and C. Goodman-Strauss) have finally discovered an elusive ‘einstein’ tile! A 13-sided tile called “the hat” forms a pattern that covers an infinite plane yet it cannot repeat, making it a long-sought shape known as an “einstein.” A sample of that pattern is shown here. TAP the image for more of the story by Emily Conover. (CC BY 4.0)
Although the name “einstein” conjures up the iconic physicist, it comes from the German ein stein, meaning “one stone,” referring to the single tile. The einstein sits in a weird purgatory between order and disorder. Though the tiles fit neatly together and can cover an infinite plane, they are aperiodic, meaning they can’t form a pattern that repeats. Image courtesy : Robert Fathauer
… and PENROSE aperiodic tiling……. DETAILS

Treasures from the Past & Present
A Video-Chicago Art & Architecture . . or tap the image
Rose’s work captures Black Americana, holds onto it, and turns it around as something positive that reminds the viewer of their love of family, respect for their history, and the universal touch-points that invite discourse and community.
Rose Hill Art is a Gallery and Museum in Sonoma, CA focused on Black Americana, its place in American History and our collective experience.
BLAZE of GLORY for posterity! In 2007 THF member, David Dahlquist of RDG Planning & Design Dahlquist Art Studio in Des Moine completed the R&R Paragon Prairie Tower featuring nearly 1.8 million Italian glass mosaic tiles with terra cotta relief and cast GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) relief tiles in a frieze at the base.
Tap here or on the image for more of the story . ..
Paragon Prarie Tower
Historic Cement Tile Making in Egypt - still in production today! VIDEO or tap on the image . .
MakingCement ilesin Egypt
Rights of Spring! . . . a much photographed and loved Barcelona home with a Gaudi facia… more about Gaudi . . . or tap the image…
Gaudi- Barcelona- Spain
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National Tile Day
Tiles are timeless elements of architectural endeavors and design. Seeing them on the walls, floors, and roofs provides aesthetic pleasure, and they have become inseparable from architecture and designs in all spheres, both domestic and public. Ceramic tile is a historic material that has been in use for over 5000 years!. Ceramic tile is durable and sustainable, versatile, healthy & energy efficient. CERAMIC TILE is a CELEBRATION in all of our LIVES!