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First day of Winter . . . .


Tile Heritage attended the ATNW Tile Festival in early November as a ‘destination’ during a “tile maker studio visits” inspired road trip ….

Mt. Shasta in northern California was tipped with a promising layer of snow as we passed by driving in both directions.

Karen Morrice of Oddinary Tiles - Tile Heritage Prize Winner
at the ATNW Tile Festival Seattle November 2014

“I am Thrilled to have been selected by Tile Heritage for this piece.”
- Karen Morrice
The Juror for the Tile Heritage Foundation Prize during the Artisan Tile North West Festival (ATNW) was THF member Ron Endlich, Antique tile collector. The theme for the juried show was “Feathered Friends.” Karen’s piece is called “Sky Chat.” It is elegant!
Tile Heritage Foundation’s mission is to document and preserve tile history in the U.S., both past and present. The prize goes to the artist whose tile, in the opinion of the juror, best represents the ceramic traditions of North America in keeping with the “Feathered Friends” theme.The prize consists of a check for $100 plus a $100 Centurion membership in Tile Heritage with a link to the artist’s website (total $200 value) to see the rest of the show and other winners as well as Festival Details go to
ATNW weblink. We had a great time in Seattle! Tile Heritage Foundation is honored by ATNW with space to sell tiles donated from Artisans from around the country as well as at the show. It was a successful fundraiser for THF… our thanks to all who donated tiles!

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Ellen Wyman post

Tile aficionado, collector and Tile Heritage advocate, Ellen Wyman, wife of Tom Wyman (deceased March 2014) and a longtime resident and activist in Palo Alto, died on Sunday, Sept. 14th 2014. A tribute to her life was celebrated in Palo Alto on October 12th 2014. Ellen had a tireless energy and giving spirit, she will be sadly missed. In life a vibrant woman and in passing, memorable for posterity! For more about Ellen visit this LINK ( also visit THF Shard’n Snippets, Spring 2014 and LINK to read about Ellen’s husband Tom, an equally avid tile aficionado who is sadly missed)

Grueby-van Erp

Sneak preview of Lecture with Susan J. Montgomery, PhD.
HOST: Alameda Architectural Preservation Society (AAPS) DETAILS
LECTURE: “The Endless Possibilities…”
Tiles from the Collection of the Two Red Roses Foundation (of Tarpon Springs, Florida)


Sunday, November 16, 2014, 7 pm – 8:30 pm

Immanuel Lutheran Church, 1910 Santa Clara Ave.,
Alameda, CA (enter from Chestnut St.


Contributions to the birth of clay deposits.
It is with total amazement that we observe California’s geological history as it’s exposed by road cuts, here high up on the Leesville Road above the Antelope Valley in northern Colusa County. It almost looks like a stack of bricks, a wonderful example of the muddy sandstones that make up the Great Valley Sequence – a geological phenomenon that describes the thick section of sea floor sediments that dip from the east flank of the Coast Range under the Great Valley, the broad fertile plain that stretches from the Coast Range to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Range. These sandstones were once layers of mud and sand on the Pacific Ocean floor. Their layers tilt steeply downward to the east. Over time eroded deposits accumulating on the valley floor, from stone formations like this, contribute to the birth of clay deposits. (First published E-News, October 2004)

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