Salutations from THF Supporters & Friends

Tile Heritage speaks for all of us interested in the world of tiles. What a heritage and history . . . Thanks!
Marie Glasse Tapp
Seattle, Washington


As a tradesperson (stone mason and builder) first and artist-tilenut second, I have a different and perhaps deeper appreciation for what you do. Someone’s gotta look after these things and as tradespeople, we owe you big time. Thanks for being there.
Eric Rattan
Santa Fe Design Studio
Detroit, Michigan

Keep on going! ... love your work...
Valda Zalkalns
Valda Design
Auburndale, Massachussets

You guys ROCK . . . Thanks!
April Marine
Redwood City, California

"I really enjoyed our visit .... It's great to talk with someone that has made the love of tile the focus their life. Since you're out and about more, this is maybe not so unusual for you, but it's a welcome event in my insular world. I can also relate to your efforts to wrap your life's work into a format that can be handed off to others."
Chuck Totten
Totten Tileworks
Winlock, Washington

“I want to shine the spotlight on a great organization that is benevolent and generous, the Tile Heritage Foundation. Since it was founded in 1987, this California-based non-profit has been supporting the preservation, history and appreciation of tile. This organization gives back to the tile community and works to preserve our tile heritage.”
William Buyok
Avente Tile
Beverley Hills, California

“I’ve spent my summer immersed in tile history in the THF Archives ...Archiving is not only relaxing, but I love learning about each tile maker and company.... There are tiny tidbits in each file folder that I find fascinating. Each tile pottery is also unique in the way that it started, from spark plugs (Flint Faience) to backyard kilns (Batchelder.) Arequipa Pottery arose partially out of the destruction of the 1906 earthquake in San Francisco… the long term goal of creating the Tile Heritage Foundation online (archives) finding-aid & index is definitely becoming a reality, one file folder at a time!” 

Jenny Meeker
Tile Heritage archiving volunteer
Healdsburg, California


“I’m glad to send you my member renewal. You and your work help the art tile world have a cohesiveness and a valuable, inspiring sense of  history.”
Ted Lowitz
Lowitz & Company ( Sponsor, Tile Heritage Foundation)
Chicago, Illinois


“You are so supportive to tile artists. Thanks for ’being there’ for so many.”

Stephanie Osser
Architectural Ceramist
Needham, Massachusetts

Your time and interest in responding to my inquiry is truly appreciated. The examples of tile work and the information you have supplied will enhance our study of tiles and give us a clearer understanding of how close to home notable tile work can be found.
Andrea Jacoby
Erie, Pennsylvania

Two years ago I began to work as an artist making mosaics. I phoned you to ask for information about the Foundation and for names of other mosaicists. You were kind enough to refer me to several people who were very helpful and encouraging. I’m delighted to join a group that is so interested in its members.”
Kathryn Schnabel
Chicago, Illinois

Screen Shot 2013-10-18 at 2.25.32 PM
The Tile Heritage Foundation is one solid idea after another. Its impact on those of us who love tile may sink in slowly, but it can’t be ignored. It gets your attention, and it leaves no question that you have been moved—moved enough to join and to encourage a friend or colleague to become a member as well.”
Barbara Sallick
Waterworks ( Sponsor, Tile Heritage Foundation)
Danbury, Connecticut

TOM 6-081

“It’s amazing how completely you embrace the world of tile. I should’ve become a member a long time ago.”
Suzanne Driscoll
Savannah, Georgia

Your lecture on “The History of American Decorative Tiles” was especially favored by our members and their guests. Your scholarship in your field and excellent speaking style demonstrated great competence, for which I congratulate you. Thank you for your commitment to local history, for a truly outstanding program that revealed another aspect of Santa Barbara’s history, and for a job very well done!”
George Anderjack (Retired)
Executive Director
Santa Barbara Historical Museum
Santa Barbara, California

Thank you for the very kind words regarding my new catalog. I’ve recorded your phone message onto a separate tape recorder, and I keep that recorder beside my bed. I play your message first thing in the morning; it helps me get up at 5:30 a.m.”
Derek De Bono
Winifred Pottery and Tile Works
Windsor, Ontario

“I am seizing an opportunity to thank you for the invaluable—absolutely invaluable—help that you have given my graduate students during the last several years. Your generosity with your time and knowledge has brought forth extraordinary fruit. Because of what you have helped us learn, tile has become a standard subject in my graduate seminars and my undergraduate lecture classes. A coterie of tile-o-philes has taken shape, and we are now far better able to promote the preservation of the University’s historic buildings.”
Charles Brownell
Professor of Art History
Virginia Commonwealth Universit
Richmond, Virginia

“Flash Point” continues to be one of the very special publications which we receive. Jon Brooks and I join with all Laguna “readers” in complimenting you on a job extraordinarily well done.”
Jim Kassebaum (Retired)
Laguna Clay Company ( Sponsor, Tile Heritage Foundation)
City of Industry, California

I read all of the things you sent me cover to cover, and I must tell you that I am “ablaze” with an eagerness to know more and do more and explore more. Not since I began hand-building clay in 1983 have I been as challenged and fulfilled as I am by the tile work or as excited about finding an organization that supports preservation, awareness, and development of ceramic surface.”
The late Sandra Tesar
Art in Clay


“Thanks for being a tile angel and helping me. I’ve passed the word about the Foundation to many people and just as many already knew about you! “
Jill Herbers
author of “Tile”
New York, New York

“I want you to know that we are much interested in the Tile Heritage Foundation, its progress and its prospects. You have an unusual organization that richly deserves to be more widely known and appreciated. I must say that you have given me a new awareness of tile as an art form and its many aesthetic contributions to our living and working surroundings.”
Jack James
Executive Service Corps
San Francisco, California


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