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NEW BOOK AVAILABLE: Ken Forster's Tiles & Styles
Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of our newest decorative arts title, Tiles & Styles—Jugendstil & Secession: Art Nouveau and Arts & Crafts Design in German and Central European Decorative Tiles, 1895-1935 by Ken Forster.

1922- 2012 Belatedly we found out that Tile Heritage Board Member Emeritus, Lee Rosenthal, passed away February 15th 2012: Full obituary
Lee rosenthal

Lee Rosenthal, author of "Catalina Tile of the Magic Isle" (1992) and "Catalina in the Movies" (2003), was an amazing, spirited researcher, photographer and tile advocate as well as a wonderful supporter of Tile Heritage for many years. We salute Lee for her dedication and many years of service, love and care. . . . THANK YOU!

The one day Symposium held in San Francisco, CA - January 14th. "CREATIVE COLLABORATION" Honoring Millard Sheets: Master of Art & Design, was a great success!

The Tile Heritage Foundation, Gualala Arts Center, Stone Foundation, The Scottish Rite Masonic Center and other Sheets enthusiasts supported this day of events. Peter Mullins, a Tile Heritage supporter and Stone Foundation member sponsored the day’s events. Rest of the story . . .
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Historic Southern California Bank Mosaic Murals by Millard Sheets Featured in a 2012 Gallery Exhibition.
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Dear Sponsors, Members, Volunteers, Advocates & Friends - our warmest thanks and
appreciation for all of your support in 2015.


Tile Heritage: What’s it all about?

Tile Heritage involves more than tiles and covered surfaces; it’s an acknowledgment of something larger than ourselves, a story and a means of communication as old as mankind.

Tiles themselves represent an aspect of our cultural history, a hand print that reflects the past as well as a footprint into the future. They’re about ingenuity and technology, art and emotion. They’re about honoring humanity—our humanity—at a personal level with intimate images, at the community level with associative, often playful or commemorative depictions, and at a global level with empowering messages.

When we see tiles, we react and interpret them, acknowledge and internalize them; we later relate the messages to others, sometimes in a whisper and sometimes with a shout.
Throughout history, this is what tiles have always been about: being in harmony with the times and affecting change. It’s the joy and purpose of surfacing.
People’s power and energy are intrinsic to the finished product: from the engineers and mechanics who design the machines, the hands and spirit of everyone who touches the tile along its path to final installation, the people who observe or walk on the finished product, live surrounded by it, love it vibrating with the life force we all have contributed to along the way.

Tile Heritage Foundation protects, honors and validates Tile History! Your support makes it ALL possible!

Thank you…

Sheila A. Menzies
Executive Director


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