Shards 'n Snippets Summer 2023

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Founded in July 1987 . Supporters, industry sponsors, members, major contributors, grantors, advocates … everyone… have made possible the continued fulfillment of the Foundation's mission to Document and Preserve tile history in the US both past and present. Link to: The Relevance of Tile Heritage Today.

"TEXtiles” - A Gallery (and Virtual) Ceramic Tile, Mosaic & Brick EXHIBITION & SALE:
"CALL" is for NEW WORK!
Illustrating the complex history
of the textile industry in South Carolina.
Nationally & Internationally recognized
ceramist, and educator
, Valerie Zimany,
Chair of the Clemson University Department of Art
and Nationally & Internationally recognized
ceramist and educator
, Daniel Bare.

$3,000 in PRIZES !
Current Exhibition & Prize Sponsors include:

Exhibition Hosting Sponsors:
LATICRETE International, Inc.
MATERIAL Bespoke Stone + Tile
"Tile Heritage Prize" Sponsor:
MEROLA Tile Distributors of America
“Spirit of Textiles in South Carolina" Sponsor:
NS Ceramic, Inc. of Santa Barbara
"Best in Show" Sponsor &
ExhibitionPromotion Sponsor:

TCNA - Tile Council of North America
Opening Reception Sponsor:
Heritage Marble & Tile, Inc.

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Call-For-Entry Participating Artists:
to EntryThingy for details
(registration sign-in at EntryThingy is free -
application fee for the 'call' is now only $20!)

Application dates:
June 20th to October 20th 2023
Link to 'CALL' details in a PDF

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This exhibition benefits the Participating Artists, the Tile Heritage Foundation and the hosting gallery, No.3 Pottery in Simpsonville, SC.
EXHIBITION: December 1st - 31st.

More resources to draw from for INSPIRATION!
on the Textile Industry in South Carolina
Change in the Textile Mill Villages of South Carolina's Upstate During the Modern South Era

 The Textile Industry - South Carolina Encyclopedia

The History of The Cotton Economy

The Textile Industry Slide Collection
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