Tile of the Moment

S&S Kingfisher

“Kingfisher” Solon and Schemmel, San Jose, CA. Circa 1920s.

S&S Kingfisher
Tile Heritage Foundation collection. Gift of Nick Tommich, 1989.

“Very few tile artists have made as lasting and as dramatic an impression on the California decorative ceramic arts scene since the beginning of the twentieth century as Albert L. Solon (1887-1949). Albert Solon, together with his partner Frank Schemmel began a distinctive tile manufacturing career back in the early 1920's in San Jose, California. Withstanding the test of time . . . . . exquisite examples of Solon's magnificent tile work appear throughout the West; a testimony to the abundant popularity of his unique decorative tile artistry. “

Excerpt from an article “Reflections of the California Mystique; Albert L. Solon’s Decorative Style of Arts and Crafts Tiles” by Jeanne M. Lazzarini originally printed in Style 1900 Vol 8. Number 3. 1995.

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