Irene de Watteville

Irène de Watteville
Majolica Artist

Irène de Watteville was trained at the Boston Museum School of Fine Art, as well as in Paris and Provence. Her images reflect three important elements in her life: elegance, dance and hedonism, the touchstones of the decorative arts of the 17th and 18th centuries that have influenced her sense of aesthetics—an accessible sense of luxury.

De Watteville’s painting reflects the importance of “Good Posture,” as art captures a moment. Her exquisitely formulated glaze palette utilizes the range of monochromatic blue and white of the traditional Dutch and Portuguese style while incorporating the rich and colorful hues of Italian majolica. The subject matter is stilled, yet the figures, animals and objects are discreetly conscious of the viewer—not embarrassed, and not totally engaged. At times there is a sideways look or some alluring suggestion that enhances the attraction and appeal.

With a vivacious brushstroke from over thirty-five years of experience Ms. de Watteville happily undertakes both large and small commissions for private homes and public spaces.

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