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30 Years of embracing, archiving and protecting American Tile History!



30th Anniversary GALA EVENT
Doylestown, Pennsylvania 
May 19th 2017 
Venue limited to 50 people!
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(Event Details & Costs will be provided via email)

Note: Gala Event is one day prior to Moravian Pottery and Tile Works Tile Festival May 20th & 21st.

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We are most appreciative of all your support throughout the year in 2016 including End-of-Year financial gifts. Support of Tile Heritage honors the American Tile Community both Past & Present as well as assisting in growing the Publicly Accessible Archives that we protect. Your support strengthens the Foundation!

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Take an Exhilarating TILE RIDE on a NYC subway … it's a heart stopper!

Youtube video


Art Underground: A first (public) look at the Second Avenue Subway! New York Times article by Randy Kennedy Dec. 19th 2016

Tile Heritage met with Frank Giorgini last spring regarding this project which boasts multiple installations of ceramic and mosaic art. Frank was the architectural ceramist and project fabricator who collaborated with Jean Shin, one of the artist-designers of art works in the 2nd Avenue project. That installation is called 'Elevated.' We provided a bit of the story in THF E-News Summer 2016.
There are fantastic mosaic works by multiple artists in this Art Underground project. Check out the whole story here as well as the Youtube video


For her installation, “Elevated,” Jean Shin dived into the past – specifically the past that was supposed to bequeath New York the Second Avenue subway generations ago, and that led her to the idea of illustrating the demolition of the Second Avenue and Third Avenue elevated lines in the 1940s and 1950s.
She dug through archives at the New York Transit Museum in Brooklyn and at the New-York Historical Society and used photographs she found to create what feel like deeply resonant historical-museum dioramas in mosaic and glass, based on images of everyday riders and pedestrians from the 1920s through the 1940s, along with geometric shots of elevated girders being dismantled.

Architectural ceramist Frank Giorgini expertly brought the design concept of Jean Shin to life - fabricating the large panels as glazed and fired clay forms.

2nd Ave-1

There are fantastic mosaic works by multiple artists in this Art Underground project. Check out the whole story here as well as the Youtube video


From E-News Summer 2016

The Artisans
Jean Shin, Artist:
Frank Giorgini, Tile Maker:
Stephen Miotto, Tile Setter:

Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 6.20.09 PM

Three of Frank Giorgini's pre-installation images of the tiles.




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