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THANK YOU FOR MAKING A DONATION IN SUPPORT of the THF Archiving Project! Your contribution is valued and essential for a THF web-accessed index!DESIGNED to KEEP the ARCHIVES EVEN MORE ALIVE for posterity and PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE to everyone!

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(All contributions to Tile Heritage Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.)

Currently our full focus in on the ephemeral (historic & contemporary tile industry documents) files that contain roughly 40,000+ items. Work is well underway, under the direction of a volunteer professional archivist, THF staff and other volunteers preparing the material for the database with a web-accessed index designed to enhance visibility and public access to these amazing records!

To date Sponsor, Member and Grant FUNDING Archiving accomplishments include:

Digitizing and forming a searchable database for the sizable slide and photography collection of over 42,000 images.

Digitally recorded, accessioned and archived historic tiles that have been donated to Tile Heritage over the past 26 years, representing a collection numbering over 4,000 different American tiles.

Accessioned and archived the historic tile catalog collection of over 600 items as well as the collection of over 3000 historic and contemporary periodicals.

All contributions to Tile Heritage Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.

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