Doty Research Grant

THE DOTY RESEARCH GRANT was established in 1992 to stimulate research in the field of ceramic history and conservation. The Grant has been named in honor of Riley Doty, a tile setter, collector and historian, who has dedicated much of his life in recent years to primary research. His willingness to share his knowledge and information with others, freely and openly, has been a continuing source of inspiration.
Grants range from $500 to $5000 for any qualified individual who wishes to engage in primary research or in a preservation endeavor for the enhancement and protection of ceramic surfaces in the United States. Thus far more than $28,000 has been granted.
Recipients have included Melanie Bazil, $1500 for documenting the influences of Byzantine art and mosaics on the work of Mary Chase Stratton; Alexander Bevil, $1745 to research the California China Products Company, later published by the San Diego Historical Society; Margaret Carney, $4000 to document the contents of the Arthur E. Baggs Memorial Library collection at Ohio State University, from which a catalog was published, and $4466 to study the Flint Faience Company, the results of which are in the Tile Heritage Foundation library;
These grants are funded entirely by donations from individuals and businesses, members of the Tile Heritage community who specifically contribute funds for this purpose in addition to their annual membership dues. Grant guidelines/applications are available at the Tile Heritage website.

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OBJECTIVES Grant assistance is offered to qualified individuals who, in the spirit of sharing, wish to engage in primary research for the enhancement and protection of ceramic surfaces in the United States:
- To research and document ceramic surfaces, both historic and contemporary, as an integral part of America's cultural heritage.
- To encourage the growth of organized information regarding the history and preservation of ceramic surfaces in the United States.
- To demonstrate that through continued research, the information gathered can be effectively added to the growing store of knowledge at the Tile Heritage Library and elsewhere, providing the public with a workable resource to enhance tile-related education throughout the nation.
- To strengthen the network of people willing to share information with the common goal of promoting and preserving ceramic surfaces in the United States.
- To enhance the visibility of the Tile Heritage Foundation as an organization dedicated to the research and preservation of this important artistic medium.

Grants are available from the Tile Heritage Foundation to all qualified people. There is no discrimination regarding gender, age or national origin.
Preference will be given to individuals who embrace collaboration and who are:

- Students or teachers in ceramics, art history or the decorative arts.
- Curators, museum technicians, art and ceramic historians, preservationists or conservators in the decorative arts.
- Artists, potters, tile makers and architectural ceramists.

INELIGIBLE The Doty Research Grant will not be available for:
- Any 501 (c)(3) organizations or like institutions, companies, corporations or government agencies.
- Anyone who has secured more than $5000 in personal grants in the past 12 months.
- Anyone intending to payoff an existing loan.
- Anyone involved in cause-related or political marketing, i.e., using grant funds to pay expenses involved in seeking further funding for one's project.
- Persons involved in private research for publication and personal gain or persons seeking financial support for personal art projects.

GRANT POLICIES The Grant Committee prefers to give, but is not limited to, one-time research grants. The Committee is under no obligation to grant money during any single year. . Grants will range from $500 to $5,000 for anyone individual per year.
* The Committee expects progress reports as well as a post-grant report from all recipients.
* Grants will be disbursed in two or three increments, depending on dollar allotment and receipt of timely progress reports.
* Tile Heritage Foundation expects to share in the infonnation gathered by the grantee and may choose to publish it. . Grant applications must be postmarked by November 30th of a given year.
* Grants will be made by May 31 st of the following year.
* Grants should not be construed as establishing a precedent for future support.


APPLICATION PROCEDURES If after careful review of these policies and guidelines you believe you qualify for funding from the, Doty Research Grant Fund, you are welcome to submit a grant request form and auxilliary documents to:
Doty Research Grant Committee Tile Heritage Foundation P.O. Box 1850 Healdsburg, CA 95448
All requests should be typed and include the following: The completed Doty Research Grant Request Form. Please use the space provided on the form to respond to questions. Please attach the following auxiliary documents. Submit a maximum of one page for each.
1. A brief concept paper stating your personal background, your intentions, goals and rationale for seeking funds from THF.
2. An abstract and outline for your project, including specific objectives.
3. A time-line indicating when progress reports will be submitted, what each will consist of, and when the project will be concluded.
4. Total project budget breakdown.
5. Two letters of recommendation.

REVIEW PROCEDURES Applications should be submitted by November 30th of each year, and each application will be initially screened for eligibility once all applications are in. Those applicants whose applications are ineligible will be informed only after the November deadline has passed. The remaining applications will be evaluated by the Doty Research Grant Committee, a group independent of the Tile Heritage Foundation. All applicants will be notified by May 31st of the following year.
*Tile Heritage cannot accept phone calls, faxes or emails regarding the disbursement of grants; all communication must be by mail. All applications remain the property of the Tile Heritage Foundation.*

DOTY RESEARCH GRANT BEARS FRUIT In 1992 Melanie Bazil received a grant of $1500 to research and documenthe influences of Byzantine art and mosaics on the work of Mary Chase Stratton, founder of Pewabic Pottery in Detroit. Ms. Bazil presented reams of information on the subject to the Tile Heritage Library; to date the information has not been published. On October 12, 2001, Bazil spoke on the subject in the Senate Caucus Room in Washington, D.C. as part of the "Tiles in the Capital" symposium. She also accompanied the tour to the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Washington to view and discuss Mrs. Stratton's tile and mosaic work there.

In 1997 Alexander Bevil received a $1745 grant to research the historic significance of California China Products Co. of National City, California, a company that produced tile from 1911 to 1917. The results of his extensive study have been published in The Journal of San Diego History, Vol. 45, No.4, published by the San Diego Historical Society, P. O. Box 81825, San Diego, CA 92138. The Journal may be ordered from the historical society or found on-line at www .sandiegohistory .org.

In 1998 a grant of $4000 was awarded Dr. Margaret Carney to document the contents of the Arthur E. Baggs Memorial Library collection at Ohio State University. In addition to the 65-page report submitted to Tile Heritage for its library, Dr. Carney curated an exhibition on the collection at Ohio State in March of 1999 for which a catalog was published, and she wrote an article entitled "The Last Days of Marblehead" that appeared in Style 1900, Vol. 13, No.1, which was published in February 2000.

Two grants were awarded in 2002. Again, Dr. Margaret Carney was awarded $4466 to engage in research regarding the Flint Faience and Tile Company in Flint, Michigan, to specifically investigate the pictorial ceramic tiles that were designed by Charles Fergus Binns and his students and produced by Flint in 1931-32. These architectural tiles were installed in the lobby of Merrill Hall, the new College of Ceramics building, on the campus of Alfred University, Alfred, New York. The documentation from this study is housed in the Tile Heritage Foundation library.

The other grant in 2002 was awarded to Jane Swan of the Handmade Tile Association in Minneapolis, who requested $1700 to develop a map of significant tile installations in the Twin Cities. The research was done by volunteers; the grant monies were used for production and printing. The map served as a guide for those attending the "Tiles in the Twin Cities" symposium in September 2002 and will be of lasting benefit to the community.

In 2003 a grant of $5000 was given to Scott Anderson and Judith Wells to pursue their research into the Robertson Art Tile Company of Morrisville, Pennsylvania.

Jane Swan, $1700 to publish a map of tile installations in the Twin Cities, and Karin Kraemer, $3717 to publish a tile map of the "Twin Ports" in Minnesota, both now available in full color from the Handmade Tile Association in Minneapolis.

Kristin Henderson, $1500 to produce a tile map and website of historic tile installations in Martinez, California;

In 2009 Jay Shockley and Susan Tunick, $5000 to continue their extensive research into American-made terra cotta from the 1850s.

HOW TO BE GRANTED Of course there are never any guarantees but there are specific procedures that, if followed, will put you in a position to have your application seriously considered and potentially granted.
1. Read and reread the entire Grant and carefully follow the directions provided.
2. Submit a clean, well-written and typed proposal, always maintaining the specified guidelines.
3. Note: budget items should represent "out-of-pocket" expenses for goods and services.
4. Respect the spirit of the Doty Research Grant. There is no funding for personal art projects, hourly wages, private enterprise. The public must be the ultimate beneficiary.

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