VOLUNTEERING for Tile Heritage Foundation in the 21st Century
A national, member-supported organization for the Preservation of Ceramic Surfaces in America

  • Volunteering for Tile Heritage can be a very rewarding experience! We value diligence, enthusiasm and your willingness to participate.
  • Volunteers are coached for specific tasks - it’s a way to develop and add to your skills!
  • We need volunteers in the THF library and archives and off-site too for special events around the country.
  • You can volunteer weekly, monthly or for a specific project - whatever fits for you.

  • Archiving and database support at Tile Heritage Advocating for Tile Heritage. Recruit new members and/or volunteers Grant Writing & Fundraising Online or specific site “Auction Support Staff” Clerical support including web and other technology skills Mapping a tour of installations in your city/state/travels Organize for a local tile sale, lecture, workshop in your area Volunteer to participate in a tile or mosaic community build or installation Photograph and digitally document tile installations or collections Help clean or restore a public installation faced with tiles, mosaic or terra cotta
  • Is your volunteering connected with your job or another organization? Do you have a college degree or special training: ( Use additional space below to respond ) Please provide your employment history (Use additional space below to respond) Highest level of education completed: ( Use additional space below to respond )
  • I am proficient with MAC computers and software I am proficient with PC computers and software Name software you are familiar with (use additional space below to list) Accurate typing Library/archive management Grant Writing Data entry Cataloging Auction coordinator Art and ceramic history research Proofreading Editing Filing Workshop coordinator Teaching others any of the above skills