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*  Fund the Founders Legacy in 2014
* Capitalizing the Collections for Posterity
* Help continue to build the digital Finding-Aid Index providing online Public Access!

MAJOR DONOR INQUIRIES:We have an additional two year Archiving Fulfillment plan with budgets outlined for 2014 & 2015.(Details are available in a formal Strategic Plan document. Email:
 (Contributions to Tile Heritage Foundation are fully tax-deductible as allowed by law.)

( Stephanie Osser, ceramic artist ( Illustrations in Clay Studio) producer of The Cellist tile is a THF member: )
Capitalize the Founders Legacy


JUMP IN to help FUND the Tile Heritage Archives in REACHING the next level, CREATING an online DIGITAL INDEX of information DESIGNED to KEEP the ARCHIVES ALIVE and PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE for posterity!

Your contribution is valued and essential for a THF web-accessed index! To date Sponsor, Member Gift and Grant FUNDING accomplishments include:

• Digitizing and forming a searchable database for the sizable slide and photography collection of over 42,000 images. • Digitally recorded, accessioned and archived historic tiles that have been donated to Tile Heritage over the past 26 years, representing a collection numbering over 4,000 different American tiles. • Accessioned and archived the historic tile catalog collection of over 600 items as well as the collection of over 2700 historic and contemporary periodicals.
Now our full focus in on the ephemeral (historic & contemporary tile industry documents)
files that contain roughly 40,000+ items. Work is underway, under the direction of a volunteer professional archivist, THF staff and other volunteers preparing the material and developing the database of the internet accessed finding­-aid index which will be an active link in the weeks ahead!
pasted-graphic-11 Make a DONATION today . . . there are many ways to assist! THANK YOU! (Contributions to Tile Heritage Foundation are tax-deductible as allowed by law.) Tile Heritage Foundation P.O. Box 1850, Healdsburg CA 95448 Phone: 707-431-8453 Fax: 707-431-8455 Email:

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Tile Heritage Foundation, features publicly accessible information and examples representing U.S. tile makers, business records of selected dealers and installers, an extensive assortment of historic catalogs, periodicals and photography, all covering the last 150 years up to the present time. The Foundation’s website also features a Contemporary Tile Gallery of THF Sponsors & Member’s sites.
You will be assisting in the continued development of a unique library of information and archival materials that are available to the public for purposes of research, restoration and preservation.
The Tile Heritage archives, tiles and related materials represent one of the largest public collections in the country! The tile collection and image library, all properly accessioned, are available to galleries and museums for display and exhibitions as well as to members and the public for personal examination.

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